Clan and Family Histories

Highland Clan and Family Histories: A Guide to Published Histories, Genealogies ....
by Graeme M. Mackenzie (Highland Family History Society, Inverness, 2015).

“Highland Clan and Family Histories” lists published histories, genealogies, and family trees, relating to Highland clans and families. It also references some unpublished manuscripts of the main clans. This work updates the information on Highland clans and families found in "Scottish Family History", by Margaret Stuart & James Balfour Paul (1930) and "Scottish Family Histories" by Margaret Ferguson (2nd Edition, 1986). The clans and families of the Highlands are listed alphabetically from Abernethy on Page 8 to Yuille on Page 85, and includes a note of copies held by the Highland Archives, Highland Libraries, or the Highland Family History Society.

Highland Clan and Family Histories is published by the Highland Family History Society [HFHS] and is available from HFHS for UK £6 + P&P, or online from GENfair.  

"Highland Clan and Family Histories" is also available from Highland Roots USA.